Bothell, Washington
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Bothell is a city located in both King and Snohomish Counties in the state of Washington and is part of the Seattle Metropolitan area and is considered the East Side as it is located on the east side of Lake Washington. The estimated 2014 population is 36,570 residents. The city also occupies the 98011, 98012, 98021 and 98042 zip codes.

The city experiences a strong economy and the employment rate is higher than the national average. The housing market remains strong and stable and home values continually increases. The revitalization of the downtown area has bolstered the economy and has become the backbone of the economic engine that drives the city.

The city has a number of neighborhoods, communities and districts that complement each other, but offering differing lifestyles. The neighborhoods are all well maintained and attractive.

The city is also served by public transportation and many residents utilize public transportation opportunities in the Seattle and Everett areas.

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The area that became the city of Bothell was once occupied by the Native Americans who were relocated after the Puget Sound War of 1856. In 1870, land claims were filed for the area once occupied by the Native Americans and homes were built. In 1876, a logging camp was established on the banks of the Sammamish River in the area that is now downtown Bothell. As the population grew schools and stores were established along with sawmill operations. 80 acres of the land was sold to David Bothell in 1885 who in turn sold the property to the gentleman who became the town’s first postmaster. In 1888, the town was named Bothell in honor of David Bothell and officially incorporated in 1909.

The town grew as the logging industry expanded and increased boat traffic brought passengers and goods to the area, but it all came to end when Lake Washington was lowered and a brick road was constructed from Seattle to the area. Following World War II the post war boom and better highways brought a great deal of development to the community. It was a bedroom community until business development, especially in the high technology sectors of software development and biotechnology. The downtown area has experienced a great deal of redevelopment, making the city very desirable for residents and businesses.


The city is served by the Northshore School District and provides public school educational opportunities for children in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12. The district operates elementary, junior high and high schools. The district ranks very high among students, parents, teachers and educational professionals. Students score very high on state mandated testing. The district presents challenging courses in all areas of academics, as well as competitive sports teams.

There is a private school in the city, Heritage Christian Academy, providing an alternative to public school education for children in Kindergarten through grade 9.

Bothell is home to Cascadia College and the University of Washington and Bothell, both recent additions to the city. The University of Washington at Bothell was ranked number 37 in the nation among all colleges and universities by Money Magazine and number 6 in the nation by Washington Monthly. Both schools offer a variety of courses for students seeking various degrees in preparation for professional, business or technical careers.

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Real Estate

Available real estate in Bothell includes single and multi-family homes and condominiums and townhouses. Undeveloped property suitable for residential development is also available. The price range for real estate is moderate, but there are select properties that are considered expensive. The city is made up of several neighborhoods that offer a variety of architecture and floor plans. There is a mix of existing and new construction and new construction is a sign of a stable housing market and a strong economy.

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Parks and Recreation

The city parks and recreation department operates and maintains 19 parks and 3 sport complexes for the enjoyment of the residents of Bothell. Parks include playgrounds, tot lots, sports fields and courts, walking trails, picnic areas and shelters and passive recreation areas. The sports field complexes include rest rooms and concession stands and the ability to accommodate several games simultaneously.

The park at Bothell Landing has become the centerpiece of the city’s park system. The park features a playground for children, a spectacular view of the river and an amphitheater for the purpose of hosting community events. There is also a 10 mile paved walkway that is ideal for bicycling and walking, as well as access to the Sammamish River and a variety of water activities.

Attractions, Activities and Events

Residents will find a variety of things to do in the city and surrounding area and include a trampoline park for kids, boating charters, kayaking, whale watching, family fun centers, railroad trips and fitness courses for the entire family. Residents will find a great many activities that are low and no cost to take part in.

Residents will also find a variety of events designed to bring the community together. Events include Farmers Markets, music and food festivals, wine tasting, walks, movies, concerts and seasonal and holiday celebrations. A few of the more popular events include The City of Bothell Freedom Festival, Greater Bothell Arts and Crafts Fair and the tree lighting and arrival of Santa Claus.

Jerry Martin
Jerry Martin