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About Redmond

Located centrally between Seattle and the Sammamish River Valley, the city of Redmond is home to nearly 60,000 residents. The city is proud of providing its residents with a fantastic quality of life, access to great schools, a fantastic economy, and an astounding parks system. Additionally, Redmond is known for its eclectic shopping and dining, safe neighborhoods, and healthy lifestyle.

The city of Redmond is brimming with all of the natural beauty and exciting activity that you would expect in a typical Pacific Northwest city. The health conscious, family friendly city is crowned with meandering bike oaths and serene outdoor settings. The city offers an array of enjoyable family activities, lovely outdoor concerts, upscale shopping venues, and unique local boutiques. The beautiful city is fulfilled with expansive green spaces, neighborhood parks, and regional outdoor destinations.

Redmond's History

The city of Redmond is nestled in a fertile area at the base of ancient glaciers. Thousands of years ago, King County provided rich resources for regional tribes of Native Americans. In fact, in 1871, the rivers in the Sammamish Valley were so abundantly stocked with Salmon when the pioneers arrived that they called their new settlement Salmonberg.

Early settlers were filled with the pioneering spirit. Homesteaders would clear ancient trees and make way for their cabins and small farms. In the 1880s, logging took over as the area's primary industry. Mills were erected throughout the region as the demand for lumber increased. In 1888, sweeping change took hold of the valley as the Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern Railway reached the small town. After the introduction of the rail line, things really took off for Redmond and its lumber industry.

By 1912, the community of Redmond boasted a population of more than 300 people. The town, badly in need of infrastructure, incorporated as a way of supporting the needs of the town's growing population. Shortly thereafter, Redmond flourished, new developments took off, the first doctor moved to town, a school was built and automobiles became a frequent occurrence on Main Street.

Today, Redmond no longer relies on the lumber industry, but instead enjoys a diverse economic base. Currently, the growing community is home to a number of major high-tech firms, including Microsoft, Nintendo of America, Medtronics Emergency Response Systems, and General Dynamics Airborne Electronic Systems. In spite of its growth, Redmond is still home to the pioneering spirit that led it its initial development. Redmond continues to grow and expand with each passing year. At this point, the sky is the limit for this amazing city.

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Life In Redmond

The city of Richmond is well-known for being a center of the tech industry. The growing city is also home to a fantastic downtown center with numerous retail spaces and dining options. Additionally, Redmond's residents enjoy access to several movie theatres, an exciting arts scene, a repertory theatre, regular live performances, and special entertainment events.

What started out as a logging outpost has evolved into a thriving city that embraces diversity. Redmond, nestled within the stunning beauty of the Pacific Northwest, is an ideal place to call to call home. The city offers everything an individual or family could hope to find in a growing community. The city boats movies opportunities to attend outdoor concerts and movies, a repertoire of exciting annual festivals, a fresh Saturday Farmers' Market, and a lively arts scene.


  • Named Number One Happiest Town in Washington in 2015 by
  • Named Number One Best Place to Start a Business in Washington in 2015 by NerdWallet
  • Named Second Best Small City to Start a Business in the US in 2015 by NerdWallet
  • Given the American Trails National Trail Award for Trails and the Arts in 2015
  • Named as a Tree City by Tree City USA

Finding Your Home In Redmond

Those considering Redmond for the site of their next relocation will not be disappointed with this healthy community. Redmond takes pride in providing the necessary infrastructure to keep its residents happy, healthy, and providing an excelling quality of life. Additionally, the city is committed to providing access to an array of fantastic educational opportunities.

Redmond is served by the Lake Washington School District. The district is home to 53 schools that serve the needs of more than 24,000 students. Those who are looking for great schools will be happy to know that students in the district achieved scores within the top ten percent on the state's standardized tests. The curriculum used by the district has been nationally praised of its innovative and comprehensive approach to learning. Currently, more tan 100 districts nationwide are using the Lake Washington School District as a model for making changes to their own curriculums.

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Parks And Recreation

The city of Redmond is home to an impressive parks and recreation system that boasts 31 fully-developed parks, 14 additional green spaces, over 1,345 acres of land, and 29 miles of scenic trails. Park and recreational facilities in Redmond cover a range of uses, available equipment, and possible activities. Some of the most popular community facilities include the waterfront park located along the shores of Lake Sammamish, the Redmond Watershed, and an equestrian friendly farm at Farrel-McWhirter Park.

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Arts And Culture

Redmond is home to a lively arts community. City involvement is maintained through the Redmond Arts Program, which partners with the Redmond Arts and Culture Commission. The partnership benefits local artists, local arts organizations, and the thriving creative community of Redmond. Because of the city's support, Redmond is a culturally rich community and a wonderful place to live, work or visit.

Redmond is proud to offer can public art in a number of easily accessible and some unexpected places. The public art collection in Redmond is home to more than 100 works in a variety of mediums. The community of Redmond is also home to several galleries and exhibition spaces that display the works of regional and local artists.

Discover Redmond's Cultural Corridor

Redmond's Downtown is transforming into an arts destination. Known for its high-quality cultural arts, the Downtown Cultural Corridor includes is a place where the arts can flourish day and night. The downtown area is home to many artists and is an exceptional environment filled with emerging creativity and wonderful artistic expression.

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