Seattle, Washington
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Seattle Washington Skyline Seattle is a city located in King County, Washington and is situated between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. The estimated 2015 population is 662,400 residents. Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington, as well as the Pacific Northwest region.

The world class city is a sea coast area and is well suited for year round hiking, camping, skiing, sailing and bicycling. The economy is based on older industry and new technology and Internet companies and continues to thrive. The city is a major gateway for trade with Asia and the third largest port in North America, which enhances the economy greatly. The city has also become a favored location for start up businesses, especially in the green technology sector.

The city enjoys a stable and thriving housing market, low cost of living, high employment rate and a great many amenities within the city including shopping, dining and entertainment.


Native Americans were the first to inhabit the area known as Seattle. The area was settled by European travelers who named the area Seattle after the Chief of the local tribes who once resided there. The first major industry in the city was logging, but it took a backseat to shipbuilding during the Klondike Gold Rush. By 1910, Seattle was one of the largest cities in the country and was flourishing, but took a hit during the Great Depression. Following World War II, growth returned to the area as a result of Boeing establishing aircraft manufacturing. As more substantial businesses moved into the area, the population, job growth and the economy grew with it. Today, the city enjoys very high employment rate. Education The Seattle School District provides public school education for the children in the city and educates students from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12. The district operates 58 Pre-Kindergarten, 125 elementary, 30 middle and 54 high schools. It is the largest school district in the state and highly rated by students, teachers, parents and educational professionals. Students consistently score above average on state mandated testing. The district is known for fostering confidence and strong educational work ethics.

There are 114 private schools in the city offering an alternative to public school education. Residents interested in higher education will find 12 colleges and universities located within the city and they include the Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle Pacific University, Mars Hill graduate school and Antioch University Seattle Campus. The colleges and universities are private and public schools offering a variety of professional, business and technical courses.

Real Estate

Real estate in the city includes single and multi-family homes, condominiums and townhouses. The price range for such real estate varies between moderate to expensive. Architectural styles vary, as well as floor plans and homes are multi-bedroom and bathrooms and feature off street parking. Homes are located in family friendly neighborhoods and beautifully landscaped subdivisions. Each neighborhood has its own distinct personality and character that includes a bustling urban core and quaint waterfront communities.

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Seattle skyline with Mount Rainier in the background Parks and Recreation

The city of Seattle and the surrounding area provides a great many recreational opportunities including parks and facilities. The city operates and maintains more than 400 parks in the city with amenities that include picnic areas, playgrounds, indoor and outdoor sports fields and courts, swimming pools, beach and boating areas, waterfront facilities with magnificent water views, restroom and concessions, walking, bicycling and jogging paths, golf and garden areas. The city also operates several off-leash parks for pets and there owners. The facilities are ADA compliant and many are available for rent.

Attractions, Activities and Events

Residents of all ages will find a variety of things to do in the city and surrounding area. Attractions and activities include historic tours, art and cultural galleries, professional and amateur sporting events, the Seattle Giant Ferris Wheel, the Seattle Aquarium a variety of water related activities such as boating and fishing. Residents will also find tours of the Boeing facility, the Seattle Space Needle, the Seattle Symphony, whale watching, food tours, day trips and adventurous expeditions and boat tours.

Seattle is home to a number of annual events that are fun and entertaining and include several prominent fairs and festivals such as the 24 Day Seattle International Film Festival, the Northwest Folk Life Festival and the Bumbershoot Music Festival. Residents will also find book fairs, the Penny Arcade Festival and seasonal and holiday celebrations.

Jerry Martin
Jerry Martin