Snohomish, Washington
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Snohomish is a city located in Snohomish County, Washington. The city occupies the 98290, 98291 and 98296 zip codes. The estimated 2014 census is 9, 550 residents. The city enjoys a strong and stable housing market, excellent schools and many amenities located in town or within a reasonable driving distance. The main attraction is the revitalized downtown area that preserves the past, but keeps an eye to the future.

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The County of Snohomish operates the Office of the Neighborhoods in an effort to engage residents in a collaborative effort to keep the neighborhoods safe as well as provide a variety of community events.

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The community of Snohomish was founded about 1858 by a group of explorers that called the area Cadyville. In 1871, the name was changed to Snohomish City, after the Indian tribe that once occupied the area. Because of its proximity to the Snohomish River, the community became the center of commerce. In 1861, Snohomish County, which was part of Island County, separated from that county to form its own county and was voted in as the county seat, and remained so until 1897 when the county seat was relocated to the city of Everett.

In the late 1860’s the city built its first school followed by a town hall. In 1890, the city was incorporated and the police chief was voted in as the first mayor. The mayor oversaw the expansion of the city as a roller skating rink was built along with homes and other businesses. The high school saw the first graduating class in 1894 and in 1901 the first automobile was brought into the city. In 1903 the first street was paved with brick and the residents were so proud of that accomplishment, they washed the street every week with the fire hose.

The Great Depression was kind to the city as most of the residents were farmers. The city gained national attention when resident Earl Averill signed a major league baseball contract and played with the Cleveland Indians.

The city didn’t move forward until the 1970’s when city put a historic district ordinance in place and the downtown area was revitalized. As the years went on, the city embraced development a number of small businesses appeared. The city continues to thrive today and the city has a vision in place that supports the changing development and as a result the economy is strong.

Happy school children Education

The Snohomish School District (SCD) provides public school opportunities for most of the city’s children in Pre-Kindergarten through grade12. There is one elementary and one middle school in Snohomish that are part of the Monroe School District. Students who attend those schools will continue on to high school in nearby Monroe. The SCD operates several elementary, middle and high schools within the city limits.

There are two religion based private schools in the city providing education for children from Kindergarten through grade 12.

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There are more than 30 colleges and universities within 50 miles of Snohomish and include Everest College at Everett, Cascadia Community College, University of Washington at Bothell and Northwest College. The schools offer a variety of professional, business and technical programs to prepare students for the future. For a list of colleges and universities in the area, visit 

Real Estate

Available real estate in Snohomish includes single and multi-family homes, townhouses, condominiums and cooperatives. The price of the city’s real estate ranges from moderate to expensive and include a variety of architectural styles and floor plans. The homes are multi-bedroom and bathroom and located in family friendly neighborhoods.

Available real estate also includes undeveloped property suitable for residential development. Those who would rather not purchase a home will find a variety of apartments for rent in apartment complexes, homes and townhouses and condominiums. Renters will find rents at market rate.

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Parks and Recreation

The city operates and maintains a number of parks and recreational facilities for the enjoyment of the residents. The parks include picnic areas, fishing, sports fields, bicycling and walking paths and areas for passive recreation. Some of the picnic areas offer a covered shelter enabling use during certain weather conditions. The city also offers facilities for rent and they are suitable for neighborhood and family celebrations and community events. The city also provides a great many programs for residents of all ages including a variety of sports leagues, swimming lessons and tennis classes. The city also operates a full service senior center with a variety of programs for the older population.

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farmers market Attractions, Activities and Events

When considering a new neighborhood, as well as a new city, it is important to find things to do and events in the city, as well as the surrounding area. Snohomish and the surrounding communities offer a great many attractions and activities that include historic tours, museums, waterfront activities such as boating and fishing, farm visits, theater, parks, distillery tours and dinner theaters. Residents will also find balloon rides, health and beauty spas, sightseeing tours and gift and specialty shops.

Residents of all ages will find a variety of events in the city and surrounding area that are entertaining, fun and educational. Events include sports competition, art and wine tasting classes, mystery dinners, movies, seasonal events such as Farmer’s Markets and holiday celebrations and music and food festivals.

Jerry Martin
Jerry Martin